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It's all about me…
This is what I do...

Well, hai!

The Steppy One is me, I am the one that is Steppy. Well, I used to be, hence the nickname but not so much anymore. Confused? Good.

Call me The Steppy One, Steppy, Step or Sarah, I really don't mind.

Welcome to my insanity, have a look around, have a sit, drink and a chat. You'll find I'm a very open and friendly person who is just a little bit insane, but then again, aren't we all?

I'm in my mid twenties, live in the North of England and I work full time for an advertising and marketing company as a Graphic Designer.

I love to be active when I've not given myself a random injury, and I love writing and being creative. A mixture of these, my boyfriend, Mick, and my friends and family keep me as sane as possible.


This journal is friends only, as I like to know who's reading my wafflings. If you'd like to be my friend, please comment on my friends only post and introduce yourself. :D

If you've stumbled across my personal journal when in fact you're after my fic journal, then head on over to [personal profile] step_fics and go crazy!


My laptop is a large part of my life. Sad but true, but I have no issue with it. A lot of my friends live in it, and because I can't flit around the world on a whim, my laptop brings me as close to them as possible. I'm just glad I've had the chance to meet the 30 or so of them that I have. *hugs flist*

My work involves me being on a Mac 8 hours a day, 5 days a week which I love! My worst nightmare is a hard drive failure, but I swear I'm not a computer geek...

Because of my work, it's not often I get to go crazy with design, so if you see things I've designed - icons, banners, etc - you may think I'm either crazy or taken my inspiration while being under the influence of something chemical. This is not the case, as I said, it's not often I get to use excess amounts of colour or randomly placed text, I make up for it when doing stuff for myself. Colour rules all!


Writing is something I wasn't too keen on at school, but learned to escape with and learned to love during my A levels, and later on at university. Before I even understood the concept of a 'fandom' I was into Stargate SG-1, and after removed all fanfiction revolving around bands and music groups which I was involved in for a few years, I wrote my first fanfiction based around Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter. After that I fell into the Harry Potter books and the rest, as they say, is history. At one point in the future I intend to write an original fiction, but at the minute I'm having far too much fun in the Harry Potter canon.

With regards to Harry Potter Shipping, I am a die hard Ron/Hermione fan. Hermione is my favourite character in the series and therefore, if a piece of fanfic is written well enough I will read her with a multitude of characters. Except Harry. Or Draco. Or any other Slytherin!

[personal profile] step_fics is my fic journal, but I have more comprehensive lists of my work over at and The Quidditch Pitch.Enjoy!


I ask only one thing of people who comment on my journal, and that is to play nicely. I have opinions and you all have opinions, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with them we are all entitled to have our own and not be shouted down or battered with words because of them. This journal is a happy place, if you come to play here, please keep it that way! Ta! :D
I think I've mentioned already that I have a fic journal over here on LiveJournal, but that's not all! Oh, no... *sniggers*

[personal profile] step_fics for my writings.

[profile] hardlybreathe for my creative faffings.

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